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As a matter a fact, yes i do

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Q: Why do you have lots of small feces?
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When was Small Feces created?

Small Feces was created in 2005-04.

What is the real Name For Poop?

feces or fecal matter feces solid waste waste matter there are lots of names

How small is ants feces?

really really small

If your bowel movement has small soft blobs how do you get a healthy feces?

You would need to eat a well-balanced diet, including lots of fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables have lots of fiber, which help you to maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

Can feces coming in contact with a small cut affect you?

Feces has bacteria that could cause an infection in the cut.

How small is mice feces?

3 to 5 millimetres

How does bowel movement or feces get out of your small bum crack?

Feces comes out through the anus. The anus has nothing to do with the buttocks.

Is dog feces ok for flowers as a fertilizerI have lots?

Actually, Dog feces is very harmful to your plants. Grazing and grain eating animals are fine and that is why you see chicken feces fertilizer a lot but not many other animals.

What do penguens eat?

Small fish,lots and lots of small fish!

Are feces objects?

No they are small and don't move because they are frozen

How big is mouse feces?

small droppings about 3-5 millimetres

How big is chihuahua feces?

Due to the size of the dog quite small