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Maybe you should try to get some more sleep. I've noticed when I can sleep in I always do. I think it keeps me physicaly strong, and mentaly alert. Plus its way fun to Dream about that certain someone in your life. :D

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Q: Why do you feel exhauseted and always tired?
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Why always feel tired?

cause your a |{unt

What doesfatigue mean?

It means to always feel tired

Always feeling sleepy and tired?

No, I tend to sleep when I'm tired and feel better afterward.

Why do you always feel tired?

Because our bodies heel and recoup while we sleep.

If you get a lot of sleep will it reduce bags under your eyes?

Not always but you do need sleep when you feel tired.

Im 12 and why am i always tired Please help?

It is generally not normal to always feel tired, especially if you are a teenager. You should consult a doctor.

Tired dizzy and feel sick?

my girlfriend feel tired and sick

Does pms make you feel tired?

Yes it can make you feel very tired.

You feel tired all the time?

No i wont feel tired at any time ...

what do you feel after 100 push-ups?

You will feel very tired

Do en feel tired after sex?

If you're tired after sex, go to sleep!

What color makes you feel tired?

Yellow rooms make me extremely tired.