Why do you do silent farts?

Updated: 11/13/2023
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Q: Why do you do silent farts?
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Why are dogs farts silent?

sometimes silent, sometimes aloud

What are some names for silent farts?

silent, deadly, lethal, invisible men, impressive, sexy

What are the different types of farts?

Eggy Fart the kind that smells like rottin eggs Juicy Fart the kind of fart that hurts when it comes out of your butthole and smells, and feels juicy Loud Fart the kind of fart that comes out loudly Silent farts quiet farts that are silent but deadly cause of the smell Fart A regular fart Poopie farts farts that come out when you are pooping and farting at the same time Humungous farts very loud and huge farts that are VERYYYYY!!!!!!! smelly Vibrate farts farts that make a vibrate sound when you are sitting on a chair that is hard Smelly farts farts that smell sooooooooo bad and knock you out and last but not least........................bad farts

What are the different kinds farts?

silent but deadly and the kind where theres a series of loud continuous farts but they don't smell as bad and there are juicey farts that smell yummy

Do all poots stink?

no usually loud farts do not stink but S.B.D's do SBD stands for silent but deadly!!!!!!!! POOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone hear a mouse fart?

No you cannot here a mouse fart they are tiny rodents there farts are SBD (Silent but deadly

What do farts look like?

farts are a dealy toxin that could paralyze a human from their stench. they come out of your bum. so if you are prone to doing silent but deadlys (sbd's) make sure you stick a cork up your bum.

Does eggs make your'e farts smell bad?

Yes my step-dad eats egg sandwiches. We were in the car and as you know silent farts stink, so this awful smell came into the car and it stunk so much we had to get out of the car

Why do silent farts smell so bad?

The noise is caused by the anus muscles. When they are tightly contracted, wind forcing through the anus will make the historical flatulent sound. And same vice versa. When the muscles are loose, wind forces easily through the anus making no sound at all.

What is grecco-roman civilization?

farts farts farts farts farts

How did sam hughes fail as head of the ministry of militia?

Farts farts farts farts farts farts poo

How does eugalena reproduse its self?

it farts it farts it farts