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People wear spectacles to correct visual conditions such as hyperopia, myopia and presbyopia. Hyperopia (also known as long sightedness) is a condition where the eye cannot focus on near objects and in some cases the eye won't be able to focus properly on objects at any distance. A positive lens which is convex in shape (+ powered prescription) will be used for this condition. Myopia (also known as short sightedness) is the opposite. A myopic eye won't be able to focus on far away objects but a myopic eye can usually to focus on close up objects with ease. A minus lens which is concave in shape (- powered prescription) will be used to correct this condition. Prebyopia is a condition where the crystalline lens which is inside the eye becomes less flexible with age and loses the ability to focus on near objects. This condition is common for people over the age of 40 years. There are also other more complex reasons for people to wear corrective prescription lenses but these are the main reasons.

Or sometimes you don't need them when ur young but ur eyes change as you get older so u may need them when ur older.

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Q: Why do some people wear spectacles?
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How do people already using spectacles wear 3D glasses?

You just wear them over your glasses. The 3d glasses are a bit bigger than normal glasses so they will easily fit over your spectacles.

Where on your body would you wear spectacles?

You wear spectacles over your eyes like glasses. They are like monacles, but for both eyes.

Who are not suitable for contact lenses?

People who face irritation and are no comfortable..shud not wear lenses..and stick to spectacles..

What is a safety spectacles?

Safety spectacles are glasses/spectacles which are meant to protect the eyes from foreign objects and/or chemical splashes. Safety spectacles can be made up with a prescription to correct the wearers vision or they can be non prescription. Safety spectacles are usually quite large compared to normal everyday spectacles and they fit closely to the wearers head and will have side protection to block any objects or chemicals being splashed into the wearers eyes. People who work in jobs doing wood work or metal work or people working in some types of factories or building sites will be required to wear safety specs to protect their eyes.

Which chipmunk wear spec?

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What is the difference between microscope and a spectacles?

spectacles are glasses like you wear on your face. a microscope is a tool used to identify small objects

Who would wear spectacles?

Someone with less than perfect vision.

You are about to remove a wound drain if you wear glasses spectacles you do not need to wear safety glassess that true or False?


Can you join the air force if you wear spectacles?

Yes, but you cannot become a pilot.

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Why do spectacles have thin lenses?

Spectacles will have as thin or thick lenses as needed to to give the wearer good vision. But sinsce heavy spectacles are more uncomfortable to wear than lighter ones, opticians generally tries to make the lenses as thin as possible.

What is the informal word for spectacles?

"Specs" is an informal word for spectacles, although many people don't use the word at all, and use "glasses" instead.