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Q: Why do some people choose unhealthy lives?
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Why do you think some people choose unhealthy behaviors?

Because they have a choice.

How good do Americans live?

That depends on the decisions they make. Some Americans choose good lives and some Americans choose bad lives.

Who is at fault for obesity the fast food industry or individuals?

Individuals are at fault. people can choose to eat unhealthy and not exercise and that is why they are overweight others choose to eat healthy foods and exercise daily and that is why they are healthy. It isn't the governments fault people are obese but the individuals themselves they have to choice but they choose to make stupid ones that make them at risk of some many different disease and becoming obese. stop making stupid choices and make the right ones eat and live healthier lives!

Is knowledge of food nutrition the reason for obesity?

some people do not know if foods are dangerous therefor they eat unhealthy. some people do not know if foods are dangerous therefor they eat unhealthy.

What are some unhealthy things people do?

well as for me, the most common unhealthy things are smoking, eating junk and unhealthy foods, drinking liquors too much, and drug abusing.

When was Some People's Lives created?

Some People's Lives was created on 1990-09-21.

Why do some people like unhealthy foods?

because they are delicious and most of them are fat.

Is depression unhealthy?

Depression is actually pretty common, and I think the statistic is one in three people will develop it at some point in their lives. Sometimes it's just a natural coping mechanism to the bad things in life, other times it can be linked to the changing of the seasons (SAD) but the condition can be made worse by an unhealthy lifestyle. The condition itself isn't unhealthy, but it is important to seek out help for depression.

Do people think they are gay at some point in their lives?

Yes, some people think they are gay at some point in their lives, and some of those people are correct.

What is a burger sentence?

Some people consider a beef burger to be rather unhealthy, but I like them!

Why is thug life the number one topic?

Because that is one of the lives that many people choose in life. And if you ever follow to choose that life then you should know some of the consequences about it if you are going to go thru life that way.

What are the effects of unhealthy foods?

There are many effects of the unhealthy food on the human body. These foods cause high blood pressure and diabetes.