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Q: Why do people need to have a colon cleaning procedure?
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Is the Almight Colon Cleanse inexpensive and, most importantly, safe?

The almighty colon cleanse procedure actually does not need a medical professional in order to have this procedure performed. In fac they do sell home versions of this kit that can be performed by almost anyone.

Does colon cleaning occur naturally in th ebody without medical intervention?

Mainstream medical experts do not advocate colon cleansing. Under normal circumstances, the body does not need special colon cleansing protocols. Some outside of mainstream medicine advocate colon cleanses, stating that toxins build up in the colon and need to be removed periodically.

What is the proper way to have a good colon cleaning?

The proper answer to this, and any question relating to a significant health related procedure, is to talk to your doctor about options available and what pros and cons they have. Most colon cleansing procedures are unnecessary because of the body's natural ability to remove bodily waste, if you truly need one your doctor should be able to tell you.

What are some good colon cleaner products?

If someone decides they need a good colon cleaning product then it is worth using a recommended product. Some that are well thought of are Colonix and also Puristat.

What procedure is done before a Proctoscopy?

Typically involves a course of laxatives to empty out all fecal matter from the colon. The laxative is usually a powder mixed with a clear liquid like water or apple juice. There are also pills that can do the same thing or suppositories. In the worst cases enemas may be required to finish the cleaning out of the colon. If your cleaned out do you still need to finish the prep

What happens when you need to have a colonoscope?

A colonscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look at the lining of your large bowel (colon and rectum) inflammation signs of some sort of cancer.

Do people with family history of colon cancer need to undergo colonoscopy every year?

Yes, having your colonoscopy screening yearly helps in prevention of colon cancer because you are able to detect any changes or malfunctions in your colon.

what i need for diagnostic cancer?

what i need or diagnostic colon

Do you put a colon after such as?

Normally there is no need for a colon, unless you are introducing a long list of examples.

Everything You Need To Know About a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is performed for a variety of reasons. There could be an infection in the intestines, or there could be blood spotted in the stool. The procedure can determine if there are any polyps or other concerns in the body. There are some things to do in order to prepare for the procedure. The scope used is four feet in length, but the entire scope is usually not inserted. After the scope is introduced through the anus, it is slowly moved through the rectum and the colon. In order for the procedure to give clear results, the colon needs to be cleaned. The day before the procedure, you will be given a drink to consume. This drink will act as a strong laxative in order to clean out the colon. You should also try to maintain a clear liquid diet for a few days before the procedure.The procedure of a colonoscopy is often not painful as you are either heavily sedated or fully asleep. It is an outpatient procedure in most cases unless you are already in the hospital. If something is found during the procedure, then the doctor might decide to admit you to the hospital for further tests. Intravenous fluids are started before the colonoscopy begins. You will be placed on a heart monitor to examine heart rhythms and other vital signs. The sedative will be given through the IV. More medication can be given during the procedure to make you comfortable. The procedure is generally completed while you lay on your left side. When the tip of the scope reaches the colon, it is slowly withdrawn so that the doctor can examine the colon carefully. The procedure takes about 20 minutes to an hour depending on what the doctor is looking for and what is found. If areas of the colon can't be seen, then the doctor might order an X-ray or reschedule the procedure.

Does this .dear captain salazar. need a semicolon or a colon?

"Dear Captain Salazar" needs a colon.

If your colon is removed do you need a bag?