Why do people need fresh water?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Because if you don't have fresh water, you eventually get sick and die.

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Q: Why do people need fresh water?
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Do Siamese fighting need fresh water or salt water?

fresh water

Why is fresh water important to a civilization?

Fresh water is important to a ciivilization because people need water to drink, water their crops and something like a river can serve as a way of transportation

Why does people need fresh water in other countries?

Fresh clean water is needed by animals including people for health. If the water available is not fresh or clean it may carry organisms or txins that will be harmful. Some countries have a shortage of fresh water for various reasons. The population of the country may be too large to be supported by the natural water resource, the water may be wasted or polluted by bad practices.

What kind of water do water snails need?

Fresh water

Why doesn't every country have fresh water?

because they might not need fresh water some countries need only Salt water from the ocean

Do parakeets need water?

All animals need water. Without water, all animals will die. Parakeets need fresh water for drinking and bathing. It is advised you change their drinking water at least twice a day.

What type of water do snails need?

fresh water

What water do tropical fish need?

Fresh Water

What water do frogs need to live in?

Fresh water.

Do loggerhead turtles need fresh water?

No, loggerhead turtles do not need fresh water. They have a specialized tear gland that excretes sodium and potassium. Thus, they are able to 'create' their own fresh water.

Why are fresh vegetables sprinkeled with water at markets?

to keep them fresh. plants need water to live.

Why do surfers need to drink a lot of fresh water?

because surfers contantly have salt water in there mouth and it dehydrates us so we need fresh water did that answer it bra