Why do girls get bloated?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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bloating and water retention in the body is one of the symptoms of dysmenorrhea that is pain and other symptoms during menstrual period its very common

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Q: Why do girls get bloated?
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Can thrush cause you to have a bloated stomach?

no, you can only be bloated when you have your period no, you can only be bloated when you have your period

What is bloating?

i would believ taht it is when you feel dizzzy you no bloated its something everyone gets but it is believed to also happen when you get your period (for the girls)

How do you use the word bloated in a sentence?

She felt bloated today.The bloated body had been in the water for weeks.

How do you bloated in a sentence?

He felt bloated after eating two dinners.

How can you get really bloated?

Eating alot of bread and then drinking alot of water after, can get you really bloated!

What are some example sentences using the word bloated?

My stomach feels bloated.The bloated dead body of the fish floated to the top of the fish tank.

How do girls feel before their period?

Generally bloated, stomach cramps, emotional (whether it be anger, sadness or all of it in between) for no significant reason. Also when you get mad for little things

Give a sentence with the word Bloated?

When a women is going through her menstrual cycle she may get bloated.

Why does goldfish swim upside down and is bloated?

If the goldfish is upside down and it is bloated, ................................It might be DEAD!

Will doing crunches make you bloated?

Doing crunches won't make you bloated, it will help burn belly fat and gain abs. Eating junk food will make you bloated and fat.

How can you use the word bloated in a sentence?

After eating a huge, four course meal, i felt lethargic and bloated.

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy and feeling bloated?

Yes,but there are also many other reasons to feel sleepy and bloated.