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First off, they don't attack. Germs invade our body because its a nice warm, moist environment perfect for reproduction.

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Q: Why do germs attack human bodies?
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How do human bodies decay?

Examples: by dehydration, bacterial attack, insect attack.

How do germs attack you?

they attack you from getting dean to dirty and they attack you fromgetting you unsick to sick tat is how germs attackyou

Why do germs attack us?

Germs attack us because we do not wash our hands properly and we need to use hand wash so there is your answer of why Germs attack us bye

How many germs are on the human body?

There is no way to answer that question because our bodies are covered with billions as well as the billions inside our digestive tract. There are more germs associated with a person than there are persons on this planet.

Do germs hide and attack unexpectedly?

No, germs are not alive and attack your body emediantly. Also you can prevent germs by being healthy and washing your body regularly.

What happens to the white blood cells when microbes enter your body?

White blood cells detect the presence of microbes and respond by engulfing and destroying them through a process called phagocytosis. This is a crucial part of the immune response to protect the body from infections.

How many germs are on the human hand?

there are 400000000000000 germs on human hand and it can varie

Why are germs harmful to your bodies?

They eat away at you

How many white blood cells are there and what are they?

About 25,200,000,000 white blood cells in an average human body. They are part of the immune system and will attack germs, viruses, etc. that are dangerous to the human body.

Are there more germs on a human or in a human?

Humans are germs, they breed and destroy their host like a virus.

How many germs are on the human cheek?

9888.364185 germs a week

How many germs are in the human mouth?

a million germs are in your mouth