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they take less time to hit each other

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Q: Why do dominoes fall faster closer together?
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Do dominoes fall faster closer or father apart and why?

There is an optimal distance at which space dominoes fall the fastest. When a domino is tipped on it's side, the greater the angle of incline, the greater the acceleration. However, it takes more time for the domino to get to a greater angle of incline. When the dominoes are closer, the dominoes impact each other at a higher spot, leading to more rotational momentum. The exact optimal distance, depends various factors including the friction between the dominoes and the floor.

How fast do dominoes fall?

The speed at which dominoes fall depends on various factors, such as the size and weight of the dominoes, the distance between them, and how they are set up. In a typical domino setup, they can fall at a rate of about 1 domino per second. However, with optimal conditions and skilled setup, dominoes can fall even faster, reaching speeds of several dominoes per second.

Why the speed of sound increases with rise in temperature of air?

Heat, or rise in temperature is caused by agitation of electrons. Agitated electrons are farther from the protons and neutrons. This makes them larger. Because heated atoms are larger, vibrations will pass through them faster. The atomic dominoes fall faster because they are closer together.

When was Let the Dominoes Fall created?

Let the Dominoes Fall was created in 2008-01.

When was Girls Fall Like Dominoes created?

Girls Fall Like Dominoes was created in 2010.

What is it called when dominoes fall?


Who sings the lyrics These girls fall like dominoes?

The Big Pink sings the song, its name is "Dominoes"

Who sings these girls fall like dominoes?

Its on Nicki minaj's CD "pink Friday"

Do objects that fall toward Earth fall faster and faster?

They will fall faster and faster until friction slows the rate of descent.

What does the phrase fall down like a row of dominoes mean?

If you set up a row of dominoes in such a way that they are very close together and push on the first one the next will fall, then the next, the the next until the last one falls. For example: If you are late getting up from bed in the morning, you may not be able to eat breakfast, you will trip and fall trying to run out the door to get the bus and may miss it, and finally be late for school. All because you slept too long.

Who sings the girls fall like dominoes with Nicki minaj?

the song samples "dominos" by the big pink

What makes dominoes fall?

No. Gravity exerts the same force on all objects regardless of how they are placed.