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Artists didn't need to use perspective or create the illusion of depth.

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Dutch artists of the Baroque period used which technique to add drama to the ordinary subjects they painted

The Rococo art movement was born out of

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What are florentines?

The Florentine masters were a handful of master artists from the renaissance period. Usually interested in painting.

Why was Leonardo da Vinci an architect?

Renaissance artists were supposed to master painting, sculpture and architecture. Leonardo never executed any architecture, although he did a few sketches.

What was petrarch a master of?

Petrarch was a master of Renaissance Humanisthope i helped [:

Was Henri Matisse a master of perspective?

He was, but for most of his life he did not use perspective in his paintings.

Did Leonardo go to a art school?

No. Artists didn't go to art school in the Renaissance times. They became apprentices at a master's workshop and learned the trade that way. In Leonardo da Vinci's case, he was an apprentice to Verrochio.

Who was the first master of the High Renaissance style?

Josquin Desprez

Which High Renaissance master painted a likeness of Castiglione?

Raphael did.

What is the suffix of artist?

-ist because art is the base word. -ist means master of a trade like an artist is the master of art.

What has the author W A Nicholls written?

W. A. Nicholls has written: 'The national drawing master' -- subject(s): Drawing, Perspective 'The national drawing master' -- subject(s): Dessin, Drawing, Perspective

Who was the master of oil painting from the Northern Renaissance?

Jan van Eyck.

Ideal renaissance man?

A renaissance man or polymath is a person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge. The term renaissance man is largely based on the various artists and scholars of the European Renaissance, (starting in about 1450 CE), who pursued multiple fields of studies. Perhaps the quintessential renaissance man of this period was Leonardo Da Vinci, who was a master of art, an engineer, an anatomy expert (for the time), and also pursued many other disciplines with great success and aplomb.

What was Hitler's policies towards philosophy of master race?

The "Master Race" In Hitler's Perspective is blonde hair, blue eyes, and they must be as tall as 5,3".

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