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because they struck gold.

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Q: Why did the gold miners yell eureka?
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What did miners yell when they discovered gold?

Legend has it that miners yell "Eureka" when they find Gold ..The reality however is a smart miner will keep very quiet about his discovery. Other miners will try to move in on you to get their share of the gold...

Getting gold out of miners hair?

Well, itIs said the miners would yell "Eureka" if they find gold. A smart miner will keep his gold secret because people will want his hair, and some gold dust is in their hair.

Who won the Eureka battle?

the Gold miners

How did the miners find the gold in the Eureka Stockade?

There was no gold in the Eureka Stockade. It was a primitive fortress used by revolting miners to protect themselves against police and military intervention.

What do you say when you find gold when you're mining?

Traditionally, cartoons have the miners exclaiming "Eureka!"

Who did the Australian gold miners elect as the leader?

When it came to the Eureka Stockade, the Australian gold miners elected Peter Lalor as their leader.

The Eureka stockade was a battle between police and convicts or politcians or miners?

The Eureka Stockade was a battle between the gold miners on the Ballarat goldfields and the troopers (colonial police).

How did the gold rush miners feel about the conflict with them and the government?

Eureka Stockade goverment

How Eureka California got its name?

eureka was a word used by miners to say I've found it in the California gold rush

Was the Eureka Stockade battle a between police and miners?

In essence, the Eureka Stockade was a rebellion which led to a revolution in how the diggers were represented in government.The Eureka Stockade was not a riot because there is no evidence that the diggers who fortified themselve in the stockade were unruly.In more ways, it was a revolution, because it caused the government to take notice of the conditions on the goldfields, and it led to the birth of democratic representation in Australia.

What did peter lalor do in the gold rush 1850s Australia?

He led the miners/diggers in the Eureka Stockade