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Jerry Lewis has explained it himself. Tensions were there sure, as there would be in 10 years,; but both both men were anxious for a change, and Dean esp needed it; Jerry says it was HE who suggested to Dean in 1956 "Why don't we stop while we're still 'in the ring' (on top) ?" That was it...

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Q: Why did Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin break up?
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Didn't Jon Cryer play Jerry Lewis in a movie about Lewis and Dean Martin?

no that was Actor Sean Hayes who played Jerry Lewis in that movie "Martin And Lewis".

Who was Dean martin's comedy partner?

It was the late Jerry Lewis.

Who are some famous duos from movies?

Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin,

Did Jerry Lewis Dean Martin and bob hope ever make a movie together?

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis had uncredited roles in Bob Hope's "Road to Bali" (1952). Bob Hope had an uncredited role in Martin and Lewis's "Scared Stiff" (1953).

What movie was with jerry Lewis and dean martin about horse racing?

Money from Home

What is the best Martin and Lewis movie?

My personal favorite Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies are Pardners (1956) and Hollywood or Bust (1956).

Who plays Johnny Depp's uncle in the 1993 film Arizona Dreams?

That was Jerry Lewis, former partner of Dean Martin and MC of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.

Was Jerry Lewis also in the rat pack with Dean Martin?

Jerry Lewis was not a member of the Rat Pack .. Dean Martin joined up with Sinatra , Bishop, Lawford , and Davis after he and Jerry split tjhe comedy team . For a short amount of time there were lots of people that thought that Dean would flop on his own ,but his talents for singing and improvisation came to their peak after Martin and Lewis , Thanks to the Rat Pack and Las Vegas

What was the western movie Dean Martin and jerry lewis play in?

I Believe it is was called "Pardners" made in 1956.

What are some classic comedy actors?

Abbott & Costello, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Laurel & Hardy

Who were the duo Martin and Lewis?

Martin and Lewis were an American comedy duo made up of the singer and 'straight man' Dean Martin and the comedian Jerry Lewis. They made their debut in 1946 at Atlantic City's 500 Club.

How were Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin related to the Battle of Gettysburg?

I can't think of a single reason to connect them to Gettysburg. Sorry.