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Q: Why can't I stay asleep in the morning?
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How do you stay awake all night long?

no way in the morning you would fall asleep so there is no reason why

When your alarm clock goes off in the morning what do you do?

Hit snooze/stay asleep Turn it off Get up Groan

When was Stay Asleep created?

Stay Asleep was created on 1999-03-16.

Im 12 and cant fall asleep fast it takes me 1-2 hours and you cant stay asleep can anyone help?

I have been through that too. It is most likely because you are going through your growth sprout, and puberty. It should stop sometime.

Can a wild Pokemon flee when it is asleep?

it cant flee when it is asleep and wild

When you are asleep in America is it morning in Spain?


What time should a 9 year old go to asleep on a Friday?

what time does his guardian want him to go to bed? does he have anything to do on sat morning why does he want to stay up?

Why is Edward asleep after Bella is injured?

He isn't asleep just looking like he is asleep because Vampires cant sleep!

What do you do when you cant fall asleep?

count sheep

What is the cheat for staying asleep in zwinky?


If you fall asleep while driving does your car slow down or speed up?

It depends... if you fall asleep your cars not gonna suddenly stop or zoom off. It could do either or stay the same speed. The point is that you cant steer! not how fast it goes. anyway... you shouldn't fall asleep at the wheel anyway. have a cooffe or something.

What is Manolin's reaction when he finds Santiago asleep in the morning?

Surprised and shocked