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It won't let you scroll down because the animators made the game that way! HOPE THIS HELPED!

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Q: Why can't I scroll down on woozworld?
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Where do you find booya on woozworld?

click on the green globe below, and click on stores and scroll down, its on the right most part. hope i helped! add me on woozworld: shinelikestars

How do you turn your woozen in woozworld with a laptop?

It is very simple to turn your Woozen around in Woozworld. Simply place your cursor on the Woozen of your choice and scroll down. This works on both laptops and PCs.

How do you turn yourself in woozworld?

Ok all you do is use your mouse put it over your Woozen....Then use your mouse or keypad mouse and scroll down! thats it

How do you spin in woozworld with a laptop?

hover over your character with your pointer and scroll.

How do you make you chat box green in woozworld?

You Cant! You Have To Be An Animator. That's somebody who helps make woozworld, you cant be one sorry...

How do you get a free royal gown on woozworld?

You cant

How do you turn on woozworld?

u need to have a mouse on ur mouse there a scroll this in the middle and u put ur mouse on ur woozen and scroll up and down hope this helped i'm bethan58 also look at my other answers on how to get free vip for a year

Can you remove all of your hot friends on woozworld at once?

No you cant

How can you take off your shirt on WoozWorld?

what the hell u cant

How can you hacked mannequin in woozworld with being next to mannEQUIN?

you cant

Where can you buy gaga haircut in woozworld?

you cant buy is rare..

Where is the mountain in woozworld?

Go on world the icon below the chat bar.Click the nationz button in the optionsin nationz we have further categories, choose the category "CORTOZA"There just scroll down and on of the unitz will be Mountain