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Q: Why are you slightly taller when you wake up in the morning than when you go to bed?
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Why do we grow overnight?

Because overnight you are lying down, and gravity does not have a "compression" effect on your body (Your spine). Because of this, your spine will slightly "spring" back and when you wake up, you will be slightly taller. As the day goes on, you will get progressively shorter.

What time does wake up in the morning?

he wake jp at

What is a good blood sugar in the morning when you wake up?


What time does mattyb wake up in the morning?

he wake jp at

When was Early Morning Wake Up Call created?

Early Morning Wake Up Call was created in 1984.

Is an apple or caffeine better for you in the morning if you want to wake up?

An apple is way more beneful but the caffeine will wake u up faster now but u will be tired later. An apple can be way better in the morning than caffeine.

What are the clauses in this sentence the girl would wake up in the morning?

would wake up is a verb clausein the morning is a prepositional clause

What time do cheetahs wake up?

they sleep in the morning and wake up in the night

Is it bad to wake up late in the mornings?

Yes, it is very good for our health to wake up early in the morning. This is because early in the morning, the plants start producing oxygen and because the atmosphere is cool, all the oxygen stays at the ground level. So, the air remains fresh and energizing.

What wakes you up in the morning better than caffeine?

not only does caffeine wake up a person but so does sugar which isn't usual for someone to eat in the morning...but yeah.

When do dolphins go to sleep and wake up?

They sleep in at night and wake up in the morning.

When the sun comes out?

when you wake up in the morning