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Q: Why are some people healthier than others?
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Why do some women get pregnant faster than others?

Because they are healthier

Why can some people see better than others?

because their eyes are healthier and there are no problems like cataracts or astigmatisms and such (look up eyes at

Why are vegan people better than us?

Vegans are not necessarily better than other people. Some are healthier than other people, and some are not.

Are all fats regarded the same?

no, fats are different there are many different kinds some are healthier than others there is saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated unsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fats

What makes some meals healthier than others?

To find out what foods are healthier there are a few things to look at. First you would see what vitamins are in the item. Calorie intake is a second thing to look at. Mostly organic foods are healthier than processed foods.

Why do some people need more people than others?

Some people need more sleep than others because of their age and what they do.

Why are some silver certificates larger than others?

because some people's are bigger than others

What are some examples of unfinished comparisons?

'Makes meals healthier' Healthier than what?

Were people healthier in 1941 than they are today?

Yes they were healthier because they ate poo

Is a higher SPF sunblock better and healthier for you?

Usually a higher SPF sunblock is better and healthier, for example SPF30 is better and more protective than SPF8. At a certain point there is no more benefit to higher numbers, so it's not better or healthier to get a higher number, some people say this limit is SPF30 and others say SPF50.

Are skinny people healthier than overweight people?


Why are people healthier now than before?

people are healthier now because are immune systems are stronger and can fight off more diseases than before.