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the person who opened the door

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Q: Whose fault if a recently parked carA opens door as car B pulls in and hits door of A.?
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Whose fault is it if a parked car opens the door and putting the child's seat belts meantime the car next to it hits the door of the parked car?

The driver/passenger opening the door is at fault. Look it up under the traffic laws in your state.

Who is at fault if the driver of a parked vehicle opens his door and it is hit by a car driving by?

driver of parked vehicle

Who is at fault when a car is parked to unload passengers and a backseat passenger opens their door into a car driving past?

The person who opens the door.

If passenger opens car door and hits parked car who is liable?

The insurance company of the car whose door was opened will pay for it.

Whose fault is it by Canadian laws when the driver of a parked car opens his door and hits the side of a moving vehicle that just entered that lane?

I cannot speak specifically to Canda, but in the US it would be the opening door vehicle that is at fault, most of the time. You cannot open or enter any traffic until safe to do so.

Who's at fault if someone opens their car door in traffic and the door is hit?

The person that opens the door is at fault

Who is at fault is someone is closing the door of a parked car and their door is hit by a passing car?

Virtually ANY time a vehicle door opens into moving traffic it will be the responsibility/fault of the party who was in control of the door. The questioner states that they were CLOSING the door??? That may be their story, but it will probably be difficult proving it.

Whose fault is it if a parked car opens his door and hits a passing car?

This type of claim can go either way. It could be said that the passenger should have looked before opening the door. It could also be said that the driver of the other vehicle did not have the right of way going around on the passenger's side. It is up to the insurance companies to decide. If you are getting resistance from the other driver to claim responsibility, you should make a claim with your insurance carrier and contact a car accident attorney immediately as the insurance carrier may not want to pay for the damages. Fisher & Associates in Colorado is proficient in these kinds of cases.

Who is at fault if both vehicles are parked in loading zone one parks to close and opens door door is hit as other vehicle leaves?

I know of a case where a person opened a door on a narrow road and it was struck by another vehicle driving down the road. The person opening the door was at fault. Your situation sounds a bit different but the person opening the door may be at fault.

What are the differences between dextral and sinistral fault movements?

Dextral opens to the right, sinistral opens to the left.

If a parked car opens their door as the parked car next to them is pulling away who is responsible legally?

The one backing out, because you should realize someone is opening a door.

Who is to blame when a parked uninsured car being cleaned opens the door and is hit by a car that had stopped in the middle of road to let out passenger and sets off without warning?

If your the uninsured car was parked, and the door was already open when it was struck, then it would be the other drivers fault. If you are parked then you are classified as a permanent object, and you are treated just like all other permanent objects such as trees and signs. The other driver must have control of his vehicle at all times, and by hitting you while you were stationary and not moving, this was not the case, so he is at fault. Now if he was driving and you opened the door right as he was passing you, then the answer would not be as clear cut.