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The insurance on a vehicle should be in the name of the Registered owner of the vehicle. Any permissive driver should also be added to the policy as a driver if you are a regular driver or if you live in the household. Either of these requires that you be listed on the policy not both of these. The owner of the vehicle is bound by legal contract to add any regular drivers and household members. If these people are not added to the policy, the contract has been voided and the insurance company can decide not to pay any claims involving such unlisted drivers.

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Q: Whose auto insurance is primary in California registered owner or permissive driver?
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Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person's car in California?

Their insurance would be primary and your insurance would be secondary, generally speaking.

Can a Canadian purchase car insurance in CA if the car stays in CA and the two primary drivers have Canadian Licenses?

If the drivers now reside in California, then they will be required to turn in their Canadian licences and obtain California licences to replace them; if they still reside in Canada and only use the car for short periods in California this is not required but then the car would have to be titled/registered in Canada. As to the car insurance, I believe it is always purchased based on location where it is garaged.

Can your son drive your car if it is only registered and insured in your name in Arizona?

Yes. Insurance follows the car not the operator. If your son has insurance, you and your vehicles' insurance would be primary (if he were operating your vehicle), and his would be excess if your coverage is exhausted.

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If you drove a car without ins but the car did not belong to you what are you facing in court?

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You should be able to get insurance on the car no matter who it is registered to. If the company asks paperwork all you should have to do is tell them its in your parents name. Everytime I've gotten insurance I don't think I've ever had anyone ask for more than the VIN number and a car inspection and money.

Are you responsbile for keeping insurance on a car titled in your name but you are not the primary driver?

As the registered owner you can be held responsible and financially liable for the actions of the drivers you allow to operate your vehicle. It would therefore be advisable to maintain your auto insurance.

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Is the driver or the owner legally responsibile in an accident?

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