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Geico is one of the top insurance companies around. They are pretty well known for their ads with the cavemen in them. The Martin Agency is the company that writes them. Two men who work for the company are the ones who do the writing. Their names are Jeff and Craig Cox.

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Q: Who writes the Geico ''cavemen'' ads?
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The Geico cavemen are played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ben Weber, John Lehr, and Ben Wilson.

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In the Geico commercials, the cavemen play as actors so they are obviously wearing costume and make-up. They probably have very talented make-up and costume artists.

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There is no listing of the total number of Geico commercials which have been made to date. There have been many campaigns, including the Geico cavemen and Geico Gecko. Each campaign, in turn, has produced a string of commercials.

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