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You do if you own both cars. No one else is At Fault.

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Q: Who would pay if I hit another car I owe in my driveway?
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If backing out of your driveway you come to a full stop at the end of it because you see another car coming and the other car hits you while your bumper is still on your own driveway who ist at fault.?

It depends. Which bumper is still in your driveway, your front or rear? Did the other car leave the roadway and hit your car? After you came to a full stop did you then proceed to back out and then got hit? If any part of your car was in the roadway then it would most probably be your fault. Any vehicle that is entering into traffic from a driveway is required to yield the right of way to those vehicles traveling within the roadway. If you stuck 2 inches of your car into the road and you were hit, it would be your fault.

Who is at fault when a car is blocking the driveway and as you back out you try to stop but it is icy and you hit the car blocking the driveway?

What type of driveway? Was it a curving and could not see the car before rounding the curve? Is it straight; then why did you not see the car blocking the driveway before even getting into car and/or backing..

You were driving down a main road driver came out of his driveway and hit your car who is responsible?

The driver travelling in reverse is almost always responsible. In this case, he would have had a duty to ensure the road was clear before backing out of the driveway.

Are you at fault if you hit a pedestrian backing down your driveway on your property?

Pedestrians have the right of way. Unless you can prove he/she was grosely negligent or did it on purpose then you are at fault. If you are backing down on your private driveway and a neighbor who walks behind your car on your private driveway is hit and falls down who is at fault? The neighbor pedestrian has been drinking, unstable on his feet was standing in his driveway at his car then suddenly is behind my vehicle.

Who is at fault if you back out of your driveway cross 3 lanes put in drive and got hit by another car backing out of his driveway?

If you were fully in the lane, and he is backing from private property onto public property more than likely he will bare the majority of fault/liablilty.

Reversing on a public road and hit a vehicle coming out of private driveway?

The backing vehicle appears to be at fault - they should have been looking behind them to see what was happening there and seen the car coming out of the driveway.The car coming out of the driveway would have had their attention in the other direction, looking for oncoming traffic.

Your car was parked in your driveway uninsured your friends mom hit your car and has full coverage can they come after you and will they fix your car?

If I am reading your question correctly you have nothing to worry about. I don't understand why you would be worried about someone coming after you. From your statement your car was legally parked and someone hit it and their insurance should pay.

When reversing out driveway at night hit a car parked opposite driveway obscuring driveway and no lights on and no street lights?

You have no claim against the other car's owner ! It's up to you to make sure your way is clear when reversing. If the lighting was that bad, you should have had someone guide you out of the driveway. The lesson to learn is - reverse into your driveway - then you'll never need to reverse onto the road !

Who has to pay if a car pulls out and is hit by anothercar?

If a vehicle is pulling into roadway from driveway, the vehicle pulling out is at fault.

Backing into driveway hit car backing out of same driveway?

BOTH drivers are at fault for backing without caution. If the accident occurred in a driveway on private property, no ticket was probably issued. Turn it over to your insurance companies.

Does Comprehensive covers if you hit your other car on the driveway?

This would be covered under collision coverage. I would hope that the insurance company would only count it as one accident and would only charge you one deductible.

Who is at fault if you hit a car that is reversing out of their drive and the damage is to my car?

You were on the road so had the right of way. The person in the driveway is at fault. He/she didn't yield. They hit you. You DIDN'T hit them. Remember that if you go to court or talk with insurance.