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Q: Who was the actor that played Zeus in Tron Legacy?
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Who plays Zeus in tron legacy?

Michael Sheen plays Zeus in Tron Legacy

Was zeus a good guy or a bad guy in tron legacy?

He was a spastic

What actor played Zeus in Xena?

Tommy lister

Was Daft Punk in the movie tron?

Yes. They cameo as the two djs in the 'Zeus's Club' scene. They are not exactly wearing their normal helmets but rather grey helmets with lights embedded in them. They won't be hard to spot though because the helmets are shaped almost exactly like their regular ones.

What legacy did Zeus leave behind?

Completely nothing

Who plays Zeus?

Zeus is not a movie character, it is a greek deity. So, nobody played Zeus. But if you refer to Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief (movie), SEAN BEAN played Zeus.

Who is Luke Evans?

He is a famous actor starring in Clash Of The Titans(Apollo) and in Immortals (Zeus) .

How many myths were there about Zeus?

There were several cults of Zeus and associated myths: Zeus Velchanos, Zeus Lykaios, Zeus Meilichios, Zeus Chthonios, Zeus Katachthonios and Zeus Plousios. Zeus, like other gods, also played a part in many other myths.

Why did they think it was offensive to Zeus if women played in the ancient Greek Olympics?

zeus was man

Who played the role of Zenu in Clash of the Titans?

zeus was played by liam neeson

Who will Zeus Hades Athena be played by in The Lightning Thief Movie?

Sean Bean - Zeus Melina Kanakaredes - Athena Steve Coogan - Hades

Is the actor Liam Neeson in the film called Clash of the Titans?

Yes. The actor Liam Neeson does appear in the film called Clash of the Titans.He plays the role of Zeus in the film.Clash of the Titans was released in 2010. And it was directed by Louis Leterrier.