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Q: Who played little Chris as a baby on charmed?
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What episode did holly Marie combs children play in charmed?

Holly's children never played in Charmed. Holly's son Riley played Baby Chris.

Why was chris killed off of charmed?

Chris was killed so baby chris could be born

Who plays baby chris in charmed?

Riley Edward Combs (Holly Marie Combs son, who is Piper) played baby chris *Actually, Baby Chris was born on November 16, 2004 and Riley Edward Combs was born on October 26, 2006. Therefore, Riley could not have played Baby Chris.* There is not a direct answer anywhere online as to who actually played Baby Chris. However, Finley Arthur, her first born, was born on April 26, 2004. This could possibly be the baby that played him.

Who is baby chris in charmed?

Baby Chris is Piper's second son also guy who came back from the future is in "Oh My Goddess!

How did chris die in the charmed?

He didnt he just went back to his own time when baby chris was born

Holly Marie Combs on Charmed who was she Breast Feeding?

holly was breastfeeding baby chris

Who played baby wyatt on charmed?

Jason Simmons and Kristopher Simmons

Who has a baby in charmed?


Who plays baby chris in season 8 of charmed?

Since Holly Marie Combs was pregnant when Piper became pregnant with Chris the babies were about the same age so for a while Holly's son Finely p[layed Chris in season eight.

Was Holly really pregnant when they where shooting her being pregnant with Chris on Charmed. If so was baby Chris Hollys real baby?

In season 6 i believe so. I know she was pregnant in season 2 and 8 but not sure about 6... they probably wouldn't use her child unless she requested it.

Does chris brown have a cousin named little drew?

no it's his official DJ's baby

Does Andy clemmensen have children?

No Andrew does NOT have any children, the baby you see him in pictures with is Chris. Chris is Andy and Bradie's little brother