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Mary Elizabeth McDonough played Erin Walton.

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Q: Who played Erin Walton on the waltons?
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Who played Erin on the Waltons?

Mary Elizabeth McDonough played Erin Walton.

Who is Ralph of the waltons?

Ralph Waite Played John Walton in The Waltons.

How did Virginia Walton die on The Waltons?

It was never explained how Virginia "Ginny" Walton died on "The Waltons."

Who played elizabeth Waltons boyfriend?

Tony Becker played Elizabeth Walton's boyfriend, Drew Cutter.

Ralph of the Waltons?

Ralph Waite played John Walton on the classic show "The Walton's." He was born in 1928 and died in February of 2014.

Who played Ralph on the Waltons?

There was no character "Ralph" on the television show titled "The Waltons" (See.,; however, the character John Walton Sr. was played by American actor Ralph Waite.

Who played Elizabeth Walton on the Waltons?

Wasn't it Kami Cotler?

Does Jim bob from waltons still live?

Yes, the actor who played Jim Bob Walton is still alive.

Is Walmart's owner the Walton the same Walton as Waltons mountain show was made from?

No they are not the same.

How many Waltons movies were there?

1. "A Wedding on Waltons Mountain" (1982) Erin's Wedding. 2. "Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain" (1982) Mary Ellen's Wedding and Mother's Day. 3. "A Day of Thanks on Walton's Mountain" (1982) Family comes home for Thanksgiving. 4. "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion" (1993) Thanksgiving Special. 5. "A Walton Wedding" (1995) John Boy's Wedding. 6. "A Walton's Easter" (1997) Easter, John & Olivia's 40th Wedding Anniversary, the birth of John Boy's first child.

What is the name of sam waltons daughter?

Alice Walton

Where is the Walton family reunion show?

There are seven Walton's reunion films: "The Waltons: A Decade of the Waltons" (1980) "A Wedding on Walton's Mountain" (1982) "Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain" (1982) "A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain" (1982) "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion" (1993) "A Walton Wedding" (1995) "A Walton Easter" (1997) Some if not all are sold on the Amazon website.