Who play's Michael weston?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Jeffrey Donovan plays Michael Westen in Burn Notice.

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Q: Who play's Michael weston?
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Who plays Michael weston's brother on burn notice?

Nate Weston, Michael's brother, is portrayed by Seth Peterson.

When was Michael Weston born?

Michael Weston was born on 1973-10-25.

When was Michael Weston King born?

Michael Weston King was born in 1961.

What watch does Michael Weston wear in 'Burn Notice'?

Michael Westen wears a Chase Durer Special Forces UDT 1000xl.

How tall is Michael weston?

i am 5'11''. thanx

Was Michael Weston's mom an alcoholic?

Yes, she was a raging alcoholic, and she abused Weston in his younger years.

Who plays Michael Weston's brother in Burn Notice?

Seth Peterson. He also portrayed Robbie Hansen from 1999 until 2002 on the television series Providence.

What position does Weston Richburg play?

Weston Richburg plays Center for the New York Giants.

What NFL team does Weston Dressler play for?

Weston Dressler plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What NFL team does Weston Richburg play for?

Weston Richburg plays for the New York Giants.

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