Who is thief V in mysims agents?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Thief "v" is the thief that is trying to steal the secret map to the treasure! His hideout is behind the waterfall.

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Q: Who is thief V in mysims agents?
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How do you get in to thief v hideout on mysims agents?

To get in to the Thief V Hideout on My Sims Agents you have to successfully tail him to his cave where he will move the rocks.

Where is Thief V's hideout in MySims agents?

it's behind the waterfall

What do you do after you saw thief V on mysims agents ds?

He runs off and you have to do it the next night

What is the order that you have to tap the frogs in thief v's hideout on mysims agents?

you listen to the music player

How do you unlock the house in mysims agents?

After you beat the gme and catch thief v mr. Hopkins gives you the key to that house.

What do you say on mysims agents after you get the map back from Thief V?

I said at the bottom of the lake and it continued from there so I'm pretty sure it's at the bottom of the lake

Who stole the bell on mysims agents?

The First time: Thief Vincent Tried, but did not Succeed.The Second Time: Thief V DID NOT!!!!! Read The sign in front of The petting zoo. Tobor and Hopins took it to get fixed!

How do you get into thief v's cave on mysims agents?

you have to follow him without getting caught or don't get too far from him. then at night go to the cave behind the waterfall and press the diamond.

What do you do when victor is in the police station again mysims agents ds?

There is no Victor in MySims Agents D.S. If you mean Vincent, then look up: How do you prove V's Innocence?

Where is thief v's hideout on mysims agents?

well first you have to be extremly careful when your following him and you will end up by crystal cave and you will find his hide out oh and it will take a few tries hope this helps

When did MySims Agents happen?

MySims Agents happened in 2009.

Will there be a mysims agents 2 on wii?

There were plans for a second MySims Agents game, but it never came out as it was replaced by MySims SkyHeroes. There may still be a MySims Agents 2, but it's unlikely.