Who is the next Hokage after Naruto?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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As a prediction it is probable it will be Shikamaru then Konahamaru. Or else just Konahamaru and the next would be from the next generation of Ninja.

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Q: Who is the next Hokage after Naruto?
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Who will be the next Hokage?

it will probably be naruto or konohamaru because they both are genin's in naruto shippuden.

Who is hokege after tsunade?

danzo was the hokage after tsunade was in her coma. but he is dead now and tsunade has risen to claim her place. people speculate that naruto would be the next hokage because it has been his dream and kishimoto will probably most likely make naruto the next hokage.

In naruto who will be the next Hokage?

Well after Tsunade's term, Naruto will probably take her place at the end of the series.

Is Naruto hokage?

In the Video Game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, there is a playable "Hokage Naruto" but as far as I know, Naruto is not Hokage.

How Naruto became the sixth Hokage?

Because he is all ready in line to be hokage because his dad was the 4th hokage. so he is next in line to be hokage. Kakashi is already 6th hokage. Naruto will be 7th -wait i thought danzo was the 6th hokage. or at least he was for a little while. when tsunadae was in a coma or something

Who is the seven Hokage on Naruto?

Well, right now in naruto shippuden, there is not a new hokage, cause its still lady tsunade. But, naruto will be the eighth hokage.

Is Naruto related to the 4th Hokage?

Yes, the 4th hokage, Minato Namikaze, is Naruto's father.

Does konohamaru become Hokage?

Yes, The hokage place was actually for Naruto but Naruto gave it to Konohamaru ( 7th Hokage )

Does naruto die before he becomes Hokage?

No Naruto becomes the Hokage before he dies.

Will Naruto fight the fourth Hokage?

No, because first off naruto is 4th hokage's son and secondly, 4th hokage risked his life to save naruto and is dead...

Who is the next Hokage?

If Naruto survives he might be Hokage someday. Otherwise Kakashi might have to take over if Tsunade would die during the war.

How old is Naruto when he is Hokage?

Naruto becomes the Seventh Hokage at the age of 32.