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jenny meister

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Q: Who is the mermaid in the subway five dollar footlong commercial?
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Who is the Filipino actress in the Subway Five Dollar Footlong commercial?

cherie ditcham. i know her. is it priya rai??... looks like her

Subway Five Dollar Footlong Asian girl?

cherie ditcham

Who is the mermaid in the subway commercial?

Aria noble

What you would do to continue the direction of the Disney company?

5 dollar footlong is back until 2-12 at subway subway eat fresh

Who is the lead hula dancer in subway 5 footlong commercial?

She is the woman of my dreams. She is Rosalyn Dang, a volleyball player in Hawaii

What subs are part of subway's five dollar footlongs?

Subway has 8 Footlong subs that are part of the permanent $5 footlong promotion. But right now, I've been seeing commercials that all of their subs are $5, unless they're "Double meat or cheese"..


Free subway sandwich every day.

How do Subway Restaurants raise money?

Subway restaurants have large inflation rates on their pricing. Most footlong subs cost less than one dollar to make yet cost five or six dollars.

Subway rap lyrics?

five dolla...five dolla..five dolla footlong....its ga-ga-going strong

How much is the big Philly cheese steak at Subway?

The Big Philly Cheesesteak As A Premium About $8.49 For A Footlong. :) Your Welcome, A Subway Lover <3

What would be the benefits of investing in subway instead of starting a similar business on your own?

Footlong sandwhiches!

How does it go like 5 dollar 5 dollar like how many times do they say 5 dollar?

well I don't know what song your thinking of but if your talking about that subway song its goes: FIve dollar Five dollar FIve dollar footlong!! so I hope I answered your question if not then sorry I don't know what song you are talking about.