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If you are referring to the commercial with the setting of a girl running in the outdoors that is Deb D'Agostino. Deb is a model who resides in New York City.

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Q: Who is the brunette model in the new balance truebalance commercial?
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What is the name of the brunette model eating dinner in the zales commercial?

Susan Mills is the name of the brunette model eating dinner in the Zales commercial.

Who is the brunette in the neatdesk scanner commercial?

Liz from top model

Who is the brunette model with Ashton Kutcher in Nikon commercial?

Shelley Mack

Who is the brunette model in the kohl's commercial that uses the song Sway?

an angel.

Who is the model in eye masters ad?

Nikki Young is the stunning brunette woman in the Eyemasters commercial.

Who was the brunette model in the gold bond sheer ribbons commercial wearing the gold dress?

Dre Davis

Who is brunette actress in nespresso clothing optional commercial?

It is French fashion model Alexa de Puivert.Stunning, isn't she?

Who is the model or actress in the commercial for True Balance A toning collection by New Balance?

Answer:Deb D'Agostino, Model From New York City.

Who is the female brunette model in the Garnier nutritioniste commercial or where can you find a picture of the haircut?

Her name is Alana dela Garza and she is an actress on Law or Order (the original)

Who is the cute brunette in the Levitra commercial?

Cute Brunette in the Levitra CommercialHer name is Marie Silvia. Deb D'Agostino has done work on Levitra Commercials she is a model from New York City. Not sure if this question relates to the commercials Deb is in.

Who is the brunette in the stelara commercial?

There are quite a few Stelara commercials and many brunettes, so, you'll have to specify, which commercial (airdate; your locale; etc) and brunette (time frame). If you find the ad on the web, give us the link (either as an edit to the question or as an "answer"), and indicate the time point at which the brunette appears.

Who is the beautiful brunette in the Tresemme - Fresh Start Dry Shampoo commercial and print adverts?

Deb D'Agostino, New York Model is in this commercial with I believe it's a blonde girl. There are also ads in magazine print and online advertisments.