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Q: Who is the actress with blonde hair in Pantene commercials?
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Who is the blonde actress with short hair in the KFC commercials?

Bridgit Mendler?

Who is the blonde actress with short hair from the yoplait greek commercial?

Jamie Lee Curtis No, Jamie Lee Curtis is in Activia commercials.

Who is the blonde in the current Kohl's commercial?

The actress that has blonde hair in two General commercials that advertise for low cost auto insurance rates is Carmen Palumbo.

How can I fix orangey tones in dark blonde hair?

Pantene silver works great for the light blondes,and blonde expressions will probably work for the darker blonde.

Who is the actress in the Thailand Pantene commercial?

The name of the woman in the Pantene commercials is Maria Menounos, formerly of the NBC Today Show. She has another TV gig now, but I can't remember what it is. Eva Mendes is the woman with the long brown hair, brown eyes and mole above her lip.

Who sings the song on the Pantene ad?

For the pantene shine commercial the singer's name is Natasha Bedingfield. The song is Unwritten Lyrics. No its not your talking about the Canadian pantene pro v nature fusions, ice shine and Canadian hair care song its created by pantene just for those commercials

Who is the young actress in the hair club for men commercials?

Maegan eggler

What shampoo is better for growing out hair herbal essences long term relationship or Pantene beautiful lengths?

Pantene Beautiful Lengths will be better as it has minerals that will increase the length of your hair. Any Herbal Essences is not good for your hair anyway. Out of all the Shampoo's i have used on my clients, Pantene is the best if your hair is natural. If your hair has been bleached I suggest Violet Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo with Hydrating Guarana.

Deceased blonde-hair actress of the 1980's?

Farrah Fawsett

What does pantene offer you?

pantene offers you shiny, smooth and full hair

Who is the actress on charmed with blonde hair?

If you mean the girl who plays Billie its Kaley Cuoco

Whatshampoo will make your hair feel softer Pantene Jonhsons or Dove?