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Not sure, but she is also in a current Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin. She's in the cafe wearing a black dress.

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Q: Who is the actress in the xfinity bang wow done commercial?
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Who is the actress on Belk's commercial?

The Actress in the Belk Mothers Day commercial is Katelyn Elizabeth Ellison M.D. a Physician. She is basically an unknown has done some modeling on the side and happened to be on the set while casting a Christmas Commercial for Belk.

Who is the actress in the new Lowes commercial don't stop?

Just ask the chive to find her...and it shall be done.

Who is the actress in the walmart commercial where she plays the mom taking away everyones toys at the dinner table She done ads for Disney World Progressive and Lowes?

Yeah, who is that actress?

Who is the brunette actress in the VSP Vision Service Plan Television Commercial?

Her name is Nadia Quinn and she's done a number of other commercials as well

Who is the actress in the art van commercial?

Who is the actress in the Art Van Furniture Commercial?? Her name is Wendy Braun. She has a very small role in the Big Lewbowski and even a couple episodes of Lost. She's done alot of work actually and her pictures are up on IMDB. Check her out.

Who is the actress in the Progressive Insurance commercial she backs into a pole?

Stephanie Courtney, an improve comedian who has done lots of television and works with The Groundlings in California.

Who is the actress in the CLEAR 'Hot Dog' commercial?

Her name is Amanda Celine Miller, and she's an aspiring actress in Hollywood. She's done voice-over work in World of Warcraft and Squid Girl, and sang the theme song for White House/Black Market's Summer 2011 commercial. She has her own website.

What is the name of the actress in the Tassimo commercial for bar codes that says milk people over there?

shes done harveys furniture ad and just roll ad

Would you bang jenny?

Been there , done that !

Who is the Asian actress in the new iPhone 4 commercial?

Catherine Haena Kim is the Asian actress in the "We Hear You" spot where she's reading the mind of her customer. Jeanne Chinn is the name of the Actress who is in the new Verizon USB commercial where she is trapped behind prison bars when she tries to leave an internet cafe with her laptop. There are some stills from the commercial in her photo gallery at She has is well known in the martial arts arena and has done a lot of good TV guest appearances.

Is Amitabh Bachans richest Bollywood actor?

I think he might be one of the richest but not the richest so far.

Who is the actress in the Stanley Steemer commercial who says that she had a cheap job done and then had Stanley Steemer com and do it right - She wears a pink sweater?

She has the sweetest, most soothing voice. Very pretty too I saw her in a commercial for the census. So much older. The Stanley Steamer commercial must be at least 10 years old.