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sonic the hedghoge, sorry cant spell it

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Q: Who is more famous Pink Floyd or Sonic the Hedgehog?
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What is Amy from sonic x?

she is a pink hedgehog who has a crush on sonic.

Who is more famous Pink Floyd or Johnny Depp?

Pink Floyd

Who is Sonic the Hedgehog's sister and what does she look like?

Her name is Sonia and she is from Sonic Underground. Shes is a hedgehog with a pink and purple color scheme. Just google "Sonia- Sonic Underground"

How does sonic love?

sonic loves because he is in love with the pink hedgehog he and her are boy friend and girl friend

Is Amy Rose the Hedgehog in Sonic Underground the Show?

no, she isnt. But there is a pink hedgehog in sonic underground named sonia(sonics sister) so try not to get them mixed up

Who is more famous Pink Floyd or Adele?


What animal is Amy Rose?

* Amy Rose is a Pink Female Hedgehog who is in love with sonic.

Is it Pink Floyd or The Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd. Saying THE Pink Floyd will get you beat up.

Why is scourge the hedgehog green what happened to him?

Green is Scourge the hedgehog's natural fur colour, just like Sonic's is blue and Amy's is pink.

What is Pink Floyd's most famous album?

Dark side of the moon

What sonic game is sonia in?

Sonia is a pink hedgehog. She is Sonic the hedgehog's sister and Manic the hedgehogs sister. She is 15 and turns 16 in episode 3. Her manic and Sonic are triplets. Hope that helps! :) ~Gracygoo

Why does sonic sweat around Amy?

You would too if you were glomped by a 3ft tall pink hedgehog in almost every encounter.