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Q: Who is hotter Jess or Lisa origliasso?
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Is Jess Origliasso older than Lisa Origliasso?

Yes, Jess is 1 minute older

Who Is Lisa Origliasso?

She is in the band The Veronicas with her twin sister Jess origliasso

Who is Jess Origliasso?

Jessica (Jess) is the younger twin sister of Lisa Origliasso, and one-half of the singing duo "The Veronicas."

How tall is Lisa and Jessica Origliasso?

Lisa is 5'1 & Jess is 5'2

What are the veronica's names?

Jessica Origliasso (The blonde one) Lisa Origliasso (The black haired one)

How old is Jess Origliasso?

Jessica "Jess" Origlasso is 33 years old (born December 25, 1984). Her slightly older twin sister is Lisa Origliasso.

Is one of the Veronicas a boy?

No, the veronicas are twin sisters, Lisa and Jess Origliasso.

What are the names of the girls in veronicas?

Jessica Louise and Lisa Marie Origliasso (they go by just Jess and Lisa)

How old is Lisa Origliasso?

Lisa Origlasso is 33 years old (born December 25, 1984). Her slightly younger twin sister is Jessica "Jess" Origliasso.

What organ system does the cardiac muscle play a role?

yes Jessica Origliasso and Lisa Origliasso are bisexual. Jessica (Jess) is more into guys then her sister Lisa who is more into girls.

Does Lisa Origliasso have a middle name?

It's Lisa MARIE Origliasso. Her twin sister Jess' full name is: Jessica Louise Origliasso

What is the birth name of Lisa Origliasso?

Lisa Origliasso's birth name is Lisa Marie Origliasso.