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People may be embarrassed to wear see-through shirts based on personal upbringings and beliefs.

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Q: Who is embarrassed to wear a see through shirt?
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Is breast budding when you see your nipples through your shirt?

yes basically it is you know you have breast buds when you wear a shirt(without a bra) and you can see your nipples through the shirt. ;0;)

Is it ok to wear a colorful bra with a light blue see-through shirt?


Do girls wear undershirts and bras?

Not usually. They might if their shirt was very thin or see-through material.

Will your boyfriend like it if you wear a see through shirt?

He may like it, but he won't respect you and neither will anyone else.

What are cute clothes that preteens can wear?

Sort shorts and a tank top with a see through shirt that has a cool design on it

What are things one can wear with a Bra Top?

Some one can wear multiple items of clothing with bra tops such as, a see through shirt, a button up shirt, or a low cut shirt. Someone could also wear a bra top with a skirt or shorts to have a unique look.

How do get a bra to see through a shirt?

Where a white shirt and sports bra

What do you do if you can see your bra under your dress?

you should wear an under shirt if you can see your bra.

How do you dress up like a genie?

wear some parachute style pants. get a longsleeve shirt cut it short so it shows your belly or get a half see through shirt and put on lots of bangles and a headpiece

How do you make sure no one can see your training bra from underneath your shirt?

you could wear a non-see-though shirt, and avoid tube tops.

When should you start to wear a bra?

You should wear a bra when you think you're ready, not any specific time. When your chest starts to "bloom" is when you should definitely get fitted for one. Also when you can you can see through your shirt to your boobs

Why should i wear a bra if i am around my a younger brother?

Your Younger Brother Isn't Going To See The Bra. Your Going To Wear A Shirt.