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Sorry but you are At Fault.

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Q: Who is at fault when on a double yellow two lane road a car stops suddenly you go into the left lane to avoid the collision and the car turns left Car possibly had a right turn signal on?
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Possibly a neutral lockout switch, possibly a bad connection, possibly an ignition switch.

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two reasons 1. In wireless each station has one antenna for both sending and receiving. hence we cant use the same antenna for both transmitting and at the same time detecting collisions. Further even if we have two antennas, it will be difficult to detect collision. because the transmitting signal power will be much higher than the incoming signal. hence if the sender senses signals it will fairly get a net result (an addition) of its transmitted signal and any other signal transmitted by others. it may be that its own signal is so much powerful than others that it will not recognize any collision. 2. In wireless, only the receiver is in problem. not the transmitter. so detecting for collisions at the senders end does not really make sense. we need to detect collision at the receivers end. the sender is not able to tell it whether there is a collision in receivers end.

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AnswerMost likely a faulty turn signal switch, or possibly the wiring to it.replace switch assembly.

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The sound signal short-long-short is an optional, additional signal made by a vessel at anchor in restricted visibility. The signal may be made by such a vessel in addition to her required sound signal to give warning of her position and of the possibility of collision to an approaching vessel.Collision Regulations 35(g)