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This will depend on what Country you are in and the side of the road you drive on there.

1st: "U" turns a dangerous and have to be done carefully and in a lawfull manner.

In North America the Car making the U turn is almost certainly At Fault. A U turn to the right is not Leagle to do.

In England or Austrailia (for example only) we need to look at was the U turn Leagle in that location, Was it done from the correct lane, was it done having signaled properly and so on.

If the U turn was 100% leagle and done correctly the Car striking from behind is at fault.

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Q: Who is at fault when making a you turn to the right and some one hits the car while turning on the back penal and tire?
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A vehicle is making a wide right turn and I is passed on the right who's at fault?

If the turning vehicle was struck by a vehicle entering the roadway it would be the the fault of the vehicle entering the roadway.HOWEVER, if the entering vehicle was struck by the turning vehicle, it is the fault of the turning driver.

Who is at fault when someone is making a left turn and got hit by the right turning car who made a wide right turn and took the second lane instead of the lane near the curb.This is in California?

right turning car

Who is at fault when you are in the right turning lane to take a right turn and the driver to your left turns right and hits your car?

If you are in a turning lane, and the other vehicle turns into you while they are in a straight lane, then they should be at fault. If the accident ends up in court take photos of the intersection to help plead your case.

Whose fault is it if you were turning left into an ally and someon from the adjacent street turns right and hits you whos fault is it?

if you where paying attention when you turned then it the other pesons falt but if you weren't then is your fault.

Driver 1 is turning left. Driver 2 is coming from the opposite direction making a right. Driver 2 makes a wide right turn into far lane Driver 1 crashes into Driver 2's side. Who's at fault?

driver 2 Probably Driver 1, the driver making a right turn is usually considered to have the right of way.

Who is at fault if A is traveling straight through an intersection on a green signal and B turns left in front of A and A hits B on the right passenger side door?

B is at fault. Drivers making a turn, must yield to oncoming traffic. B is at fault for making a left turn without yielding. There is no general rule that all turning traffic must yield, although some jurisdictions may have such a specialized rule.

Who's at fault when both drivers have the right of way and one decide to turn and they hit head on?

the person who turned is at fault because when you are turning you are to yield to any other traffic

Is the accident your fault if Someone turns in front of you they'd be turning left as to block your path and you hit them?

It depends on who had right of way.

Who is at fault if a car is turning right and a bike on the right side runs into the car?

Bikes and pedestrians always have the right of way [providing they are proceeding in conformance with the traffic laws]. Most likely the vehicle will be determined at fault. There have been some rare cases in which a bicyclists or pedestrian have been assigned some contribution of fault.

If you were already on a mini roundabout turning right when a car on the right side cut straight over the centre and hits you in the side whose fault is it?

The car who hit you

A 6 ton truck back half hit a car's front right panel while turning left at a round about who's fault will it be?

It would be the fault of the truck unless the vehicle struck can be determined to be at fault for a lane violation.

Who is at fault when you are making a left turn from West To North and a guy hits you in the right tire trying to avoid hitting you on the side bcause you didn't judge your distance or time?

It sounds like you violated his right of way and turned in front of him. From the limited description, I would ticket the driver turning.