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It should be the person in the very back who started the chain reaction.

However, because your car was there, don't be surprised if you get included in the defendants if the person in the front decides to sue.

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Q: Who is at fault in Ohio if you get rear ended and the force cause you to hit the car in front of you?
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Who is at fault if you are rear ended?

It depends on the situation. If you stoped short and got rear ended it is your fault. But if you stoped becasue the driver in front of you stoped then it is that persons fault. If you are sitting at a stop light and get rear ended it is there fault. If you are parked in a parking zone and get rear ended it is there fault. Hope this Helped

Who is at fault where a stopped car hits the car behind it while both are waiting to turn left?

A stopped car shouldn't hit anything because it's not moving. If a car hits the car behind it must have been in reverse and front ended the vehicle. In that case the car that front ended the vehicle is at fault.

Who is at fault if a car pulls completely out of a shopping center driveway and then suddenly slams on its brakes?

If he pulled out in front of a car driving on the street and it struck his car, then he is at fault. If he was rear-ended by the car following, then the following driver is at fault.

Will an airbag deploy if you are rear ended?

not unless you crash into something with enough force after you are rear ended , because the crash sensors are mounted in the front of the vehicle to operate the front air bag(s)

Who's at fault in California if you get rear ended and the force causes you to hit a car in front of you?

Typically, the driver who hit the middle car will still be at fault, inless it's determined by a police accident report that you were following or parked too closely to the front vehicle. * A process referred to as the chain of causation determines who is at fault in a vehicle accident. In the case cited the driver of the car that created the collision would be responsible for all damages. Any traffic citations given to other driver's involved would have no bearing on the issue of fault.

If the car merging onto a road in front of you was beyond the Yield sign and slammed on their brakes Who is at fault?

Sounds like you rear-ended them. Are you the same person who had the driver ahead "Brake aggressively" a couple of weeks ago? If the front of your car strikes the back of another and they are not in reverse, 99.99% of the time you are at fault.

Who is at fault when a car stops in the middle of an exit ramp and the following car hits him in the rear?

Since it was the following car's responsibility to maintain a safe stopping distance from the car in front, the car that rear-ended the stopped vehicle is at fault.

If a car pulls out in front of you who is at fault?

Their fault for not looking both ways

What is the cause of knocking on front right side of zafira 05?

most likely drop link rods worn common fault on zafira apparently

Will air bag go off when rear ended?

The crash sensors are in the front of the vehicle , so ( NO ) * not unless the front of the vehicle crashes into something with enough force to activate the air bag (s)

What is the prefix of fault?

There is no prefix in fault. A prefix is something put in front of a word like invisible.

In what case would a driver that rear ends another not be at fault?

if the driver of the car that was hit has cut in front of you and put on his brakes giver you no chance to stop before u rear ended the other driver.