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BOTH drivers are in violation. The other driver for making an illegal turn, and you for driving without due caution or following too closely.

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Q: Who is at fault if the driver in front of you makes an illegal U turn and you hit them?
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Who is at fault if someone makes a illegal right turn and hits while you are reverse parking?

If you're backing up, generally, you're the one at fault (regardless of how stupid the other driver is). However, some insurance companies may differ.

Who is at fault if a driver in a parked car has a door open in oncoming moving traffic in Pennsylvania?

Opening a door into traffic makes the door opener at fault. If the door is opened safely and some driver then runs into it, the moving driver is at fault.

Who is at fault when driver a makes a left in front of driver b at an intersection with no light or stop sign and driver b crashes into him driver a claims driver b was speeding?

Left turn (a) yields to oncoming traffic (b). Without a stop sign or traffic signal, driver b has the right of way.

Driver A makes left hand turn in driveway with signal on. Driver b runs up curb smashes driver A from back fender to front fender in drive way he pops his tire who's fault?

Driver B is at fault---from the little info we have it appears he was too close behind driver A which caused B to run into the back and up the side of A. I would really need a little bit more info on this to be certain tho.

What makes a jump illegal in track and field?

Put your foot (any part, even if it's toes) outside the jumping line, and you get a "fault", or an illegal jump.

Who is at fault if car 1 runs a red light on a one way street and car 2 makes an illegal turn and hits car 1?

its both of the drivers fault because their both doing some thing illegal

Can you sue an insurance company for citing you 10 percent at fault and attempting to collect when their insured made an illegal left turn on a one way street directly in front of you?

Yes, I would. Sometimes a good lawsuit makes the insurers play it right.

If you are in the right lane to make a right and your stopped and the the driver in front of you is in the middle lane and makes a right turn also and hits you who is at fault?

Passing on the right is illegal on most roads. As an example, in Michigan, you can only pass on the right if there are three or more lanes going in that direction. Your case would indicate that the driver on the right would have been illegally passing, an indication of fault on their part. However, the person on the left shouldn't turn in to someone, regardless of whether they should be there or not.

What are the chances of the driver being charged by police to be at fault to still take it to court?

Your question makes no sense. What are you taking to court? Are you saying that the person charged by the police wants to sue the other driver for damages?

Can illegal aliens get a driver license?

Yes, in California. I don’t know about other states since each state makes the law on this.

Driver 1 is turning left. Driver 2 is coming from the opposite direction making a right. Driver 2 makes a wide right turn into far lane Driver 1 crashes into Driver 2's side. Who's at fault?

driver 2 Probably Driver 1, the driver making a right turn is usually considered to have the right of way.

Why is having tinted front windows in Vermont illegal?

It makes it hard to see through so it may cause accidents.