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If the child was following the rules of the road the striking vehicle is At Fault.

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Q: Who is at fault if a car hits a child on a bike that just came out of a driveway in Georgia?
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My son was riding his push bike on the footpath he crossed a driveway and collided with a car who was driving out his head dented the car and his bike left a scratch on it Who's at fault?

The driver of the car is. Footpaths are public domain, whether they cross a driveway or not. Your son had every right to be there. It is the responsibility of the car driver to watch out for other cars, pedestrians, and bikes.

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Who is at fault in Mass if car hit kid on bike?

It will depend. Was the kid on the bike violating the law? If so, and the driver wasn't breaking any law it would be the kids fault. If the kid on the bike had the right of way, then it would be the drivers fault.

Who is at fault if an SUV hits a child riding his bike in an apartment complex parking lot?

The driver of the vehicle is always responsible for whatever his/her car hits regardless of where it is. If the child ran into the can with their bicycle, then that's a different matter.

Who is at fault if you turn your motorcycle over and 5 minutes later an eighteen wheeler runs over you?

Your fault, If you bike was in traffic

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Who is at fault in Texas if car hit kid on bike?

The person driving the vehicle is at fault. No matter what the situation is, it is always the drivers fault due to not paying attention and being aware of what is going on around them.