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both a and b (i think...)

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Q: Who is at fault if A stops suddenly at a green light cause they thought it was red and driver B rear ends driver A?
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If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it is the fault of?

In the UK it is the fault of the driver behind Same here in the USA

If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it is the fault of .?

In the UK it is the fault of the driver behind Same here in the USA

Who's at fault if driver a is approaching a yellow light and realizes they will not make it through and suddenly stops and is rear ended by driver b who thought driver a was going to try to make it?

It is driver B's fault because you now that driver A should stop because other cars are already driving so he should of stopped instead of you keep going

Who is at fault when a car brakes suddenly and you are going 30 mph?

Anyone who hits someone from behind is at fault. Even though it may seem like the driver in front shouldn't have done what they did.

Who is at fault if a car pulls completely out of a shopping center driveway and then suddenly slams on its brakes?

If he pulled out in front of a car driving on the street and it struck his car, then he is at fault. If he was rear-ended by the car following, then the following driver is at fault.

A car parked on the wrong side of the road pulls out suddenly and hits a motorbike neither driver has a license who is at fault?

Both of you. Legally neither of you should be on public road. As you have no license you cannot claim any insurance. But in a normal situation, it would be the car driver's fault.

Who is at fault when a driver who is a half a block ahead of you suddenly puts his car in reverse and runs into the front of your car at a quick rate of speed and you have already stopped your car?

they are at fault because they should have pulled off to the side.

Can the driver who is not at fault but has no insurance file a lawsuit against a driver who is at fault and has insurance?

Yes the driver who is not at fault can very well file a suit but one thing is very clear he can not claim any insurance. Yes he can file a civil suit against the other driver. It is done approximately a million times every day. sometimes with no just cause.

Who is at fault in a rear-in auto accident?

The vehicle that rear ends the vehicle in frontis usually but not always found at fault. This is because all states require that a driver be in control of his vehicle at all times. If you are certain that it was the fault of the guy in front,Stopping suddenly in front of another driver is a popular insurance scam techniqe,you will probably need witnesses to prove it.

Someone hit you an Neither I or other driver has insurance on our car who is at fault?

Who is at fault has to do with the accident itself not the insurance coverage. A police report of the accident and looking at the proximate cause of the accident help determine fault.

Is the driver who hits another from the rear always at fault?

No. For example if a driver stops at green light and the driver to his rear hits him, it is the driver in front's fault.

What happens if the driver at fault hits a car and the driver at fault has no insurance will the car that hits you have to pay for your car?

If you have comprehensive insurance, your policy will cover the damages (less a deductable). In this case, your insurance company will sue the at fault driver. You can also sue the at fault driver for damages (if you do not have comprehensive).