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The name is not meant to be taken literally. The creator of Victoria's Secret founded the company because he was tired of being embarrassed while shopping for lingerie for his wife. So he designed VS to be a place where one sample of every style was on display and men could simply ask the female employees to get them the right size and style. Victoria may have been the name of his wife but that isn't known for sure.

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Q: Who is Victoria and what's secret?
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What is the secret of Victoria's Secret?

The secret is that a MAN owns it and his name was Victor so they made it into Victoria. Then they put Victoria's secret because it is a secret!

When was Victoria's Secret created?

Victoria's Secret was created in 1977.

What is Victoria's secret pink concept?

what is victoria secret concept

What are the Victoria's Secret models?

Victoria's Secret models are people (usually women) who present the products of the American retailer Victoria's Secret.

Where can one purchase discount Victoria's Secret pants?

Discount Victoria's Secret pants can be purchased at Victoria's Secret with a coupon. iOffer, Amazon and eBay also have Victoria's Secret pants for a lower price.

Does Victoria's Secret deliver to the UK?

Yes, Victoria's Secret delivers to the UK.

Is Victoria's Secret a model?

Victoria's Secret is the name of a store that sells women's clothing. Victoria is not a real person.

Where can one obtain Victoria's Secret gift cards?

Victoria's Secret gift cards can be redeemed at Victoria's Secret stores. They can generally also be used on the Victoria's Secret online store, as well as when one makes a phone order from Victoria's Secret.

How many employees does Victoria's secret have?

There are many people that work at Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret sells clothing in over 1,000 stores and is continuing to expand.

Are there Victoria's Secret stores in Madrid?

There is no Victoria's Secret store in the city of Madrid, Spain. There are, however, several Victoria's Secret stores near Madrid, IA.

What is Victoria secret bedding?

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Are there any Victoria's secret stores in Athens?

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