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I believe he played the part of Crash. Although some people believe he could have been the charactor of Ben. But I not too sure if he was actually in it

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Q: Who did Luke Bailey play in 'The Story of Tracy Beaker'?
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What is ben's real name in the story of Tracy Beaker?

Luke Youngblood. He is also of Harry Potter and he plays Lee Jordan.

Who plays Ben in Tracy Beaker?

Luke Youngblood. He also plays a character in the Harry Potter series.

What are the Tracy beaker characters real names?

montanna thompson,chelsie padley, sonny muslim,dani harmer and luke young blood

Who are the names of the Tracy beaker show?

Tracy beaker- danni harmer Justine- Montana Thompson louisse-chelsie padley peter-joe starrs Ryan-sonny Muslim zac-jay haher adele-rochelle gadd ben-luke youngblood maxy-jerome holder

When was Luke Bailey - actor - born?

Luke Bailey - actor - was born in 1984.

What things has Luke Youngblood been in?

He has been in Tracy beaker from series 1 to series 3 as ben Tracy's best friend. He has also been in Harry P as a quidich score presenter in the philosiphers ston and the chamber of secret..

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luke bailey

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