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The Governor of the state is the main person in charge of that state's National Guard. The President of the United States takes charge of any National Guard unit at any time they want to. An example would be; the Governor of the state deploys National Guard troops to floods and fires around the state when needed. The President will deploy National Guard troops overseas to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Q: Who commands the National Guard?
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Who carries the National Colors and Commands the Color Gaurd?

who carries the national colors and commands the color guard

What are the unit listings for Texas National Guard?

Bear in mind that the National Guard comprises both the Army National Guard and Air National Guard. The major subordinate commands of the Texas Army National Guard and Air National Guard are listed in the corresponding Wikipedia articles for each, which you can access by clicking the related links at the bottom.

Who carries the national colors and commands the colors guard?

Senior (colors) Sergeant

Who commands the National Guard in each state?

Depends there are two national guard units the Army National Guard under overall authority of the U.S. Army and the Air National Guard under overall supervision of the U.S. Air Force

Who carries the color national colors and commands the color guard?

Senior (colors) Sergeant

What troops are usually commanded by state governors?

Along with the state ploice, he commands the state National Guard. Some states also have a state guard.

Who carries the national colors and commands the color guard?

The ranking officer of that detail who assigns individuals to carry the colors.

What is the difference between the army national guard and the national guard or is there any?

There are actually two National Guards, but when people say the National Guard they are probably (but not necessarily) talking about the Army National Guard. The other National Guard is the Air National Guard which is to the Air Force what the Army National Guard is to the Army.

Is there a marine national guard?

No. There is only an Army National Guard and an Air National Guard.

How many branches Are in the national guard?

There is the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.

Is the national guard and Texas national guard the same?

Yes. Each state has National Guard units.

Does the National Guard have submarines?

No the National Guard does not have submarines. The National Guard is primarily a ground fighting organization. The Air National Guard does provide for air support within the US.