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gu jun pyo= lee min ho (also acted on secret campus, i am sam, perfect match and city hunter)

yoon ji hoo= kim hyun joong (leader of korean boy group ss501)

so yi jung= kim bum (appeared in high kick and dream)

woo bin= kim joo (he's the rapper of korean trio t-max)

geum jan di= goo hye sun

ga eul= kim so eun

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Q: Who are the Korean actors in boys before flowers?
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What is the Korean name of Boys Before Flowers?

꽃보다 남자, or Kgotboda Namja

What is another name used in the TV series Boys Before Flowers?

Boys Before Flowers is a Korean drama that can also go by two different names. One is Boys over Flowers and the second is by it's Japanese name Hana Yori Dango.

Does Boys Over Flowers take place in Seoul?

The Korean adapation of the Japanese manga does take place in Seoul.

Do they still show the Korean drama boys over flowers on TV in California on Time Warner Cable If so what channel?

boys before flowers american version of show can it be found on ytube. what american show name

What are the top Korean dramas this 2009?

boys over flowers, shining inheritance. :)

Who is yoon ji hoo?

A Korean drama character from Boys before flowers or 꽃보다 남자 He is the former boyfriend of Geum Jan Di (금잔디)

Where can you watch Korea dramas?

The best place to find them is Some Korean dramas are: Boys Before Flowers, A thousand Kisses, and Love Rain.

Is boys over flowers and boys before flowers same drama?

Yes. The titles are just translated differently.

What kind of play is boys before flowers?


Who will be the leading lady in Hanayori Dango Korean?

Ku Hye-Sun is the lead actress in the Korean version of the Japanese drama "Hanayori Dango." The Korean drama went by the name of "Boys Over Flowers."

Where can you watch boys before flowers epsodes?

Who is kim so eun's boyfriend?

Kim So-Eun is a South Korean model and actress, known for the show Boys Before Flowers. She is currently single.