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Farrah Rawhide-Coleman, Lisa Boniface, and Michael Jackson

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Q: Who are Zendaya brother and sister?
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Does zendaya c have a brother or sister?

yes she does

Is zendaya from shake it up sister to roc royal?

Yes Zendaya and Roc Royal are related they are brother and sister. With Zendaya being the oldest

Do zendaya and roshan fegan go out?

no they are like brother and sister

Is Zendaya Coleman and david Cleveland brother and sister?


Who is in zendaya's family?

I think he have a big brother, and a little sister.

Why do roshon and zendaya have different last names?

they arent brother & sister in real life.

Is Taliilee Coleman related to Zendaya Coleman?

yes because Taliilee is Zendaya's younger sister cuz Zendaya is older than her Taliilee is zendaya's sister

Is Taylor Lautner zendayas brother?

taylor has one sister mackena who is 11 zendaya knows him but however she is not related 2 him

What zendaya's sister's name?

She doesn't have a sister.

Does roshon feagn have a sibling?

No, Zendaya is not his real sister, she just plays one on the show shake it up.

What is zendaya Coleman's sister's name?

She doesn't have a sister.

Does Zendaya Coleman have a adopted sister from Ethiopia?

yes. i am her sister