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Darth Vader

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Q: Who Would win Darth Vader or Clippy?
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Who would win Han Solo or Chewbacca?

Darth Vader has beaten him in Empire Strikes back and it would take him 6 minutes to beat him since Luke sees how the force works. But it eventually got to the part where Vader cut his hand off. Darth Vader would win.

Who would win in a fight Palpatine or Voldemort.?

It would be Darth Maul because it took Obi-Wan and his master to kill him, plus if that lightsaber would've fallen with it's master, he would have no chance of winning. And Maul was caught off guard, so if there is no Obi-Wan there is no Darth Vader. Maul the assassin would win because he could kill Anakin if he wanted to, and yes probably if there was a battle between them I would say Darth Vader, but Maul is the next runner up!! You can't make the excuse that Maul was caught off guard, he's supposed to see things like that coming through a little thing called the Force, and Obi-Wan killed Maul by himself when he was still a Padawan. Vader would win this fight hands down. I hate when people make Maul out to be better than he is...he's utterly useless. Yeah, but he was still caught off guard when he thought he had Obi-Wan, and if that lightsaber had fallen with his master, he would have no chance, and I think he was just playing around with them. I really want to see what he can really do, but you have a point there, dude, he should of saw that one coming, but the look in his face when he thought he had won; he was all smiling thinking it was all over, doing a little trick with his light saber until Obi-Wan used the force on that cheap lightsaber. Everyone knows movies, a dude justs watches it over again and watches very closely.. Go Darth Maul!!!!!!! I still say Vader. Maul was named Darth Maul because he's like an animal with savage rage and anger, but Darth Vader, even when he was in his suit and just a shadow of his former self, was still very smart, i.e., when Luke was gaining the upper hand in straight up lightsaber combat in The Empire Strikes Back. He went to a different area where he could beat Luke. Maul isn't that smart. If he was, he would've just finished Obi-Wan when he was hanging there, instead of just putting those little sparks in his face by just scratching the ground with his saber. --- Honestly, it would have been Vader who won, because Maul was just an apprentice, who hadn't been trained very long. Vader had years of training, and even as Anakin he was stronger in the powers of the Force. DARTH VADER bcause when Darth Vader was chosan by the emporror the emporror said , soon i will have a new aprentice one more young and more powerfull, but that was count dooko but the aprentice gets better so if dooko is better then Darth maul then Darth Vader is better then Darth maul the only diffronts in it is that count dooko was not more powerfull then Darth maul cause maul is more powerfull then count dooko its just that count dooko was smarter and Darth Vader as anikan skywalker is just as powerfull as Darth maul. Until anikan became week and needed health so he put on the armer and Darth Vader was supreme Darth Vader is the best

Who would win Darth Sidious or Lord Voldemort?

Well first off Voldemort could use the avada kedavra curse on Darth Vader which would kill him fast and easy so Voldemort. Vader by force choking Voldemort, he don't need a wand remember This is an interesting topic. Do you mind starting a discussion page here. Darth Vader could beat him no problem. Voldemort would win! does he not have horcruxes? Darth Vader would have to find and destroy all of them (and kill Harry Potter) which would take forever and by then Voldemort could have just shoot him with Avada Kedavra and kill him reall fast! burnn Darth Vader! First of all this would be a very interesting match. Darth vadar has a light saber (which is almost useless against a wizard) and the force. Voldemort has a wand that can perform almost an unlimited amount of spells for him. It seems that voldemort would win. But it all comes down to reaction time and who's quicker on the draw. Darth vadar can use force choke and voldemort can use the avada kedavra curse, with the use of his wand. Its true that some wizards can perform spells using their minds, but so can jedi and sith. Since Vader is like the most powerfull sith of the time he could without a doubt just think about force choke and he's got voldemort. Its true that voldemort could do the same thing but even for an extremely powerfull wizard it would take a huge amount of concentration brain power. Therefore on that alone Darth Vader would win but not by much. By the time voldemort has conjured up the strength and concentration to use the curse vadar would of already started choking. BTW somewhere i heard that electronics doesnt work around magic idk if its true but if that were to happen then Darth sidious aka the emperor would beat the crap out of voldemort.

Who would win in a fight yoda or Darth maul?

Ok in this battle between yoda and Darth maul would be tough for both maul being a hunter and yoda being a grand master an all.. everyone know in force power yoda would have a times ten upper hand on things so with those statistics i would say yoda would win the only chance maul would have is if he was able to over due yoda with lightsabers and even with a double blade maul would have to be at the top of his game they are both fast and strong but yoda is more trained and wise maul is in for blood and that's it so Yoda V.S. Darth Maul yoda would have the victory but i belive that there is a 1 in a million chance that maul might be able to pull through but it would be very unlikely which is a shame because maul is my favorite character

Who would win cougar vs elephant?

The elephant would win.

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Who would win The Trix or Darth Vader?

Darth Vader would win. He can use the force.

Who would win Darth Vader or Darth malgus?

Darth Vader

Who would win Ashoka Tano or Darth Vader?

Darth Vader would win.

Who would win Ganondorf or Darth Vader?

Definitely Darth Vader

Who would win Dark Laser or Darth Vader?

darth vader

Who would win Godzilla or Darth Vader?

Darth Vader.

Who would win Darth Vader or Captain America?

Darth Vader. He has 'the force' and a lightsaber.

Who would win in a fight between the bora queen and Darth Vader?

Darth Vader

Who would win in a fight sauran or Darth Vader?

If Darth Vader had the ring i would say that it would be sauron

Who would win Darth Vader or Master Chief?

I have to say Darth Vader because Vader has the force and can choke Master Chief.

Who would win anakin or Darth Vader?

No one. Vader would have to battle himself since Anakin turned into Darth Vader in Episode 3.

Who would win The Terminator or Darth Vader?

Darth Vader would top Terminator. You are talking about Magic vs. Machinery here.