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Q: Which tab in the paragraph dialog box would allow you to indent the first line automatically?
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What word processing feature would allow you to indent a paragraph?

The tab button

Does the left Indent-marker allow you to change only the first line of a paragraph?

Indents can change the first line of the paragraph or the entire paragraph can be indented.

What does it mean to indent your paragraphs?

To indent a paragraph is to put a length of space at the beginning of a paragraph to mark it as such. Unfortunately the text entry tool for WikiAnswers doesn't allow me to show you.

Are you supposed to space twice after the period of a sentence?

No. You only space once. The only time that you space more than once is to indent a paragraph if the computer will not allow you to use tab to do so.

What do the scaling options provided in the Print Setup dialog box allow you to do to your document?

In Excel, the options allow you to adjust your print output, as desired. The most helpful option is to let Excel automatically scale your spreadsheet to fit on a single printed page.

What does the backup job information dialog box allow you to define?

The backup job information dialog box allows you to define the backup job information.

What does AutoEnter allow you to do?

automatically enter

How many paragraph levels does PowerPoint 2007 allow?


What menu do you use to begin opening the font dialog box?

You can select the view option in order to view the font dialog box. This will allow you to put many menus on top of any software program.

How do I get the dialog box that would allow to share a WindowsXP folder?

Right click the folder, choose Security and Sharing.

Does the default paragraph spacing for word 2010 allow 10pts of space between paragraphs?


What does the Custom tab of the Properties dialog box of the Document Properties feature allow you to do?

It allows you to add custom property categories and assign values to them.