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Q: Which state was the first auto insurance policy purchased?
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Does state farm isurance include disability insurance coverage?

The level of disability coverage that you possess from State Farm can be located by consulting your insurance policy. State Farm does offer disability coverage, but it must be purchased.

Where can one get dismemberment insurance for accidental death?

Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is often referred to as AD&D. Such insurance policies can be purchased online. State Farm Insurance offers this type of policy.

Is New York a renters insurance state?

If you are asking in there tenants policy to be purchased in NY the answer is yes, simply call and ask your agent.

What is the responsibility of the insurance company of the at fault driver in a no fault state?

Immediately after an accident, you should call your insurance company and they will tell you their responsibility in that particular state. Your agent should have given you that information when you purchased your policy. Each state has slight differences. An insurance agent in this state is not licensed to comment on the insurance policies of another state.

Can you drive a car which has no insurance policy but you have a insurance policy on another car?

Depends on the state and your insurance policy. call your local agent.

How can your company be contacted about an old insurance policy?

The insurance policy is from Prudential and from the state of Indiana.

Where can ladies car insurance be purchased?

Care insurance for women can be purchased from a number of major Insurance providers such as All-State, State Farm, or Geico. It can also be purchased directly from any major bank.

What happen to an old insurance company called Commercial State Life Insurance Company?

How do I find out who has my policy I had with Commercial State Life INsurance Company

How much will my auto insurance raise after a speeding ticket if I am with state farm insurance?

It really depends on your policy and your state. In the state of KS for example, your insurance would be raised 5% for the first offense. I hope that helps.

How can you cash in a policy written by State Capital Life Insurance Co?

I need to check on the State Capital Life Insurance paid up policy?

What is a sr26?

If you carry an SR22 (proof of financial responsibility) on your auto insurance policy, the SR26 is notification sent by your insurance company to the state to let the state know your insurance policy has canceled.

Where can one buy a motor trade insurance policy?

If one is looking for motor trade insurance, you can try your local insurance agencies first. You can also find them All State, State Farm or Stavely Head websites.