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Q: Which mine can produce the greatest amount of units of electricity before it runs out of coal?
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What was built in 1956 to control the nile river floods and produce electricity?

The Aswan Dam was built in 1956 to control the Nile River floods and produce electricity. Before the dams were built, the Nile River flooded every year during late summer, when water flowed down the valley from its East African drainage basin.

Why was Napoleon Bonaparte the greatest general?

He was not the greatest general since he lost the war but he definitely was one of the greatest, never loosing a battle unless he was greatly outnumbered. He conquered a great amount of territory before being captured by great britain.

What is fuel desulfurization?

I know what it is. It is the removal of sulfur form a fuel source (especially coal) before it is combusted to produce electricity. What I am trying to find out is the main methods for desulfurization

Is dc battry needed for solar energy to produce electricity?

DC battery acts as temporary storage of energy generated from the solar pannel before being used.

What was used before electricity was discovered?

what was electricity used for when it was dicovered

How do you make an elektromagnet stonger?

~Increase the amount of electricity flowing through it. ~Tighten the wire around it (if there is one) so it is making more coils than before. ~Change the core into one which will conduct electricity better than the other.

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the time before electricity existed is refered to as "the cingularity". No one can know what it was like before that time since the known laws of physics do not apply before the big bang and are of no consequence in a universe without electricity.

Windmills convert the energy of the wind to more useful forms such as what?

We are mainly interested in electricity production, but before electricity was invented, windmills were used to produce mechanical energy. Often grinding grain to flour, also pumping water. This was very widespread in the Netherlands.

What year was electricity born?

Electricity was not born! It exited long before people, long before the earth or solar system. In fact, electricity was there in seconds after the Big Bang.

How did electricity help?

well before electricity we had to use fire wood and that was our electricity thats all i really know

Can bananas make electricity?

Yes, but not very well.