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Facts On Weeworld:1.You can add people into your room and put whats their status

Ex: Karate1029 Boyfriend (but it will cost you 125 gold)

2:They can rate your room

Ex: lovethebeat1021 rated your room. Why not return the favor?

3.You can have a bubble of thoughts and a part that says thinks.

There is no example for it.

4. Its free chat!!!

Fact on Woozworld:

Unlike weeworld, People can get in your condo (In weeworld it is called 'Room') and there is no 'Level Up'.

Sorry that is all I know about woozworld...

But I like weeworld more....Its really on your decision anyways... :)

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Q: Which is better WeeWorld or woozworld?
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Are you talking about weeworld or woozworld cuz i know a load of cheats for woozworld!

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